BST 1968

1 Eloise
Barry Ryan

2 Time for living

3 Yesterday has gone
Cupids Inspiration

4 I wonder what shes doin tonight
Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart

5 Lets dance
Ola & the Janglers

6 Indian lake

7 Bend me shape me
American Breed

8 Angel of the morning
Merrilee Rush

9 If I only had time
John Rowles

10 Midnight confessions
Grass Roots

11 Mony mony
Tommy James & the Shondells

12 La la la

13 Think
Aretha Franklin

14 Bottle of wine

15 This wheels on fire
Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger

16 My little lady

17 Second that emotion
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles

18 I wish it would rain

19 Walk away Rene
Four Tops

20 Summer wine
Lee Hazlewood & Suzi Jane Hokom

21 Judy in disguise with glasses
John Fred & His Playboy Band

22 Shes a rainbow
Rolling Stones

23 Shes a heartbreaker
Gene Pitney

24 Elenore

25 Mighty Quinn
Manfred Mann

26 Bend me shape me
Amen Corner

27 Words
Bee Gees

28 Green tambourine
Lemon Pipers

29 Legend of Xanadu
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

30 Everlasting love
Robert Knight

31 Lamour est bleu
Paul Mauriat

32 Suddenly you love me

33 Simon says
1910 Fruitgum Co

34 Jennifer Juniper

35 Valleri

36 Love is blue
Jeff Beck

37 Fire brigade

38 Cry like a baby
Box Tops

39 I cant let Maggie go

40 Young girl
Union Gap

41 Captain of your ship
Reparata & the Delrons

42 Somewhere in the country
Gene Pitney

43 Helule helule

44 Sleepy Joe
Hermans Hermits

45 Baby come back

46 Hurdy gurdy man

47 Yummy yummy yummy
Ohio Express

48 Gotta see Jane
R Dean Taylor

49 Do it again
Beach Boys

50 Hey Jude

51 Dream a little dream of me
Mamas and Papas

52 Jesamine

53 Sunday will never be the same
Eleanor Bodel

54 A day without love
Love Affair

55 Hush
Deep Purple

56 Only one woman

57 Reach out of the darkness
Friend & Lover

58 Sittin on the dock of the bay
Otis Redding

59 I just dropped in
First Edition

60 Delilah
Tom Jones

61 Cara mia

62 Thank u very much

63 Sunshine after the rain
Ellie Greenwich

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Evry night Im there, 
Im always there, 
she knows Im there 
And heaven knows, 
I hope she goes 
I find it hard to realise 
that love was in her eyes 
Its dying now, 
she knows Im crying now 
And evry night Im there, 
I break my heart to please Eloise, 
Eloise You know Im on my knees - 
yeah I said please, 
youre all I want so hear my prayer, 
my prayer 
My Eloise is like the stars 
that please the night 
The sun that makes the day,
 that lights the way 
And when that star goes by, 
Ill hold it in my hands and cry 
Her love is mine, 
my sun will shine 
Evry night Im there, 
I break my heart to please Eloise, dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee, Eloise 
Youre all I want, 
you got to hear my prayer 
My Eloisa - 
Id love to please her 
Id love to care 
but shes not there 
And when I find you, 
Id be so kind 
Youd long to stay,
 I know youd stay 
And as the days grow old, 
the nights grow cold 
I wanna hold her near to me, yeah, 
I know shes dear to me 
And only time can tell 
and take away this lonely hell
 Im on my knees to Eloise 
And evry night Im there, 
I break my heart to please Eloise, dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee, 
You are my life so hear my prayer 
You are the price I know youre there Youre all I want 
so hear my prayer, 
yeah yeah 
Youre all I need and Im not there 
You know Im not there, no no no
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah 
My Eloisa, 
I got to please her, yeah 
She knows I love her, 
love her, love her, 
lov-lov-lov-lov-love her 
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, 
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
 yeah, yeah, yeah My Eloisa,
 I've got down on my knees to please ya My Eloisa, yeah, 
she knows I love her, love her, lov-lov-lov-lov ....


I wonder what shes
doing tonight

If I had told her that I loved her 
She would've stayed 
till who-knows-when 
But I guess she couldn't understand it When I said "I wanna be your friend" 'Cause a friend 
would never doubt you 
Or ever put you uptight 
& now I wonder 
what she's doin' tonight 
Oh yes I wonder 
what she's doin' tonight 
Oh I wonder what she's doin' tonight 
We were so close 
but should've been closer 
& now I'm feelin' oh so sad 
But I tell myself I didn't lose her 
'Cause you can't lose a friend 
you never had 
& a friend won't say it's over 
& walk out just for spite
 & now I wonder 
what she's doin' tonight 
Sha la la la la la la (instrumental) 
(Tommy speaks: OK, Bobby, let's go!) 'Cause a friend will always be there 
If you're wrong 
or if you're right 
& now I wonder 
what she's doin' tonight 
Sha la la la la la la 
Sha la la la la la la


Lets dance

Hey, baby, won`t you take a chance 
will you let me have us dance.

So let`s dance, oh, let us dance
  oh, do the  twist 
if not the match potato, too
any old dance I like you wanna do
so  let us dance, oh, let us dance.
  Hey, Baby, oh, you thrill me so,
 hold  me tight, don`t you let me go.
+ Refrain

   Hey, Baby, if you`re all alone,
maybe you`ll let me walk you home.
 + Refrain

Hey, Baby, think you`re  
swinging right,
yes, I know that kisses are light.
 + Refrain


Indian lake

You take a bus marked 
"Lakewood Drive" 
And you keep on drivin' 
till you're out of the city 
Where the air is fine 
with the sweet smellin pine 
And the countryside's pretty 
And you'll see daffodils 
peepin over The hills
or a honey lovin' mama bear 
You take a left at the bridge 
Go down to Quakerforn Ridge
 And in a minute you're there 
(dupe do be do do do ) 
Indian Lake is a scene 
You should make 
with your little one 
Keep it in mind
 if you're lookin to find 
A place in the summer sun 
Swim in the cove 
have a snack in the grove 
Or you can rent a canoe
 at Indian Lake 
You'll be able to make 
the way the Indians do